Immagine How did the export merchant go into the wine sector in 2018?

How did the export merchant go into the wine sector in 2018?

Pubblicato il: 22/01/2019

The sale of quality wine has reached an excellent + 14% in 2018, in contrast to the Italian export not in the form.

On a global level, Italian export is decreasing in many sectors: however, wine export is still going well (+14%).

Export results were particularly brilliant in October, and the most profitable markets appeared to be the USA (+ 5-6%)[u1] , Germany (+ 3-4%) and the UK (+ 3%). China, having shown signs of a strong decline in the last few months of 2018, is not in the top 10. France and Sweden proved to be very dynamic markets.

In 2018, Italian exports amounted to 6.3 billion euro, with the following products registering growth: bulk wine (+5%), sparkling wine (+15%), bottled wine (+2%).

According to OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), Italy has a market share of 17% on a global scale. Some countries are experiencing a period of high production, namely the USA, Italy, Chile, Argentina and Eastern Europe. 240,ooo,ooo hl of wine are used for industry (30%): last year’s production deficit has definitely been balanced.

On a global scale, the South-African market is particularly relevant. According to estimates by South African Wine Industry Information and Systems (Sawis) at the end of April, the harvested grape should allow a production of 9,483,ooo hl, including wine, wine for brandy and spirits, must and grape juice used for the production of non-alcoholic drinks.

Michael Roome, in charge of the protection of said market, on behalf of CominterWine confirms that in South Africa must and the related wines have to come from the specific place of origin. Many wine producers, he continues, at the end of the 90’s quickly started using new viticulture and wine-making technologies. The presence of wine-makers coming from abroad brought international influences, which focus on specific varieties.

In the wine sector, in 2018 there were 777 takeovers worldwide. This number confirms that the demand is strong and the relative offer implies a second financial market.

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