Immagine Wine distribution channels and worldwide taxation

Wine distribution channels and worldwide taxation

Pubblicato il: 18/02/2019

The sales channel of the strongest wine remains without doubt the great distribution, but they are increasing online sales.

Wine distribution channels change continuously on a global level, especially nowadays. According to research carried out by Wine Intelligence, every country has a different ecosystem, with its own system, rules and regulation regarding business and taxation. Consumers tend not to change their habits: as a matter of fact, supermarket chains are the strongest wine distribution channel (direct selling, Horeca, wine shops and bars).

The channel used for direct selling changes wine purchase, selling wine and trading wine and is gaining more and more importance. It is also gaining more market share thanks to online sales.

In the UK there are well-developed online food distribution networks; in France, the “click and collect” system is growing , while in the US the “direct-to-home” channel (offered by wineries, too) is allowing specialized retailers to grow. Research carried out by Wine Intelligence show the following:

  • There is a decrease in wine varieties, due to convergence in the market
  • There is a greater need in the market of strong wine brands, which should be visible and reliable
  • There is more information linked to growing needs of online and remote shopping

When analysing various countries, taxation (excise and VAT) has to be considered. Here is a global view:

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