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Plain must of table grapes (added with SO2) (white and red) - Quality is guaranteed

Must is a compound that contains sugars, glucose and fructose, resulting from processing grapes. This type of must is used above all to add sugar to products such as juices.


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Fresh grape must / table grape juice (white and red) - Sweetness on your table

Italy is the world's first producer of table grapes. Thanks to the skill of winemakers, the health of grapes is guaranteed and certified all over the world. Both with or without seeds, table grape is mature and sweet due to the presence of natural sugars: its use is linked to these features.


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Concentrated grape must obtained from table grapes (white and red) - Dehydrated grapes

The concentrated grape must, resulting from the evaporation of water, can be kept due to its high sugar content.


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Deionized concentrated must obtained from table grapes (table grape sugars) - The natural product

Better than common sugar since it is high in fructose, the deionized concentrated must is obtained by purifying and dehydrating at low temperatures under vacuum conditions.

It is totally natural, colorless and liquid. Used to process high-quality products , its high fructose content makes it useful in fruit based products, limiting their calorific values.


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Wine grape must mutated with SO2 (white and red) - Controlled fermentation

This variety of must is characterized by the blocking of microorganisms fermentation due to mutilation techniques. The high quality of the must derives from the selection of the raw material and the soft pressing that characterize the low content of polyphenols.


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Must of fresh wine grapes (white and red) - The selected must

It is the main phase of processing that goes through the cellars. The particularity of this must is given by the pressing of the grapes that define its beneficial properties and its great taste. The quality and degree of ripeness are the distinctive properties that the tradition and the knowledge of Cominter Wine Srl manages during the delicate harvesting phase.


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Concentrated grape must (white and red) - The added quality

Thanks to the particular concentration procedure, this product is able to maintain the characteristics of the grapes, returning high quality at the organoleptic level. The vitamins and micro-nutrients of the must define the antioxidant health benefits. The most accredited recipients include the food industries.


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Rectified concentrated must of wine grapes - The enriched must

Recently conceived, the concentrated must under vacuum at low temperatures undergoes a grinding treatment. The glucose and fructose contained in this variety of must are the parameters of genuineness that guarantee the high concentration of sugars and determine their quality.


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