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Products for vinegar Cominter Wine

Table wine (white and red) - Table vinegar

The harmony given by the set of organoleptic, physical and chemical requirements is the added value of this product, which derives from the percentage of residual alcohol. The natural fermentation of table wines selected by Cominter Wine Srl is the identity of the vinegar.

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Varietal wine (white and red)

Taste, fashion and trends guide the world consumption of wine and the maturity of this product determines the success of the vinegar carachterised by its strong and complex flavour. The eating habits of a specific area may change the market demand of this product: thanks to its experience, Cominter Wine Srl is able to respond with an excellent time on the market.

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Cooked Must or Concentrate suitable for the production of ABM - The essence of vinegar

The heart of the vinegar is the cooked or concentrated grape must, made with grapes of precious vines. This is the secret that differentiates vinegar from the simple dressing. The typical aromas of the centuries-old production, handed down by the tradition of Cominter Wine Srl, allows the historical recursiveness of Italy in the world.


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