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Cominter Wine - Grape juice

Cominter Wine – Grape juice and its benefits

Grape juice is produced with select red, rosè and white grapes.

The addition of varietal grapes makes it possible to produce IGP juices. Grape is used to produce excellent alcohol free DOC products.

The strategic choice of using grape juice comes from the winemakers’ wish to widen and diversify their offer, so that they can meet the growing international demand.

The integration of this product into the Mediterranean diet, which also includes wine, is crucial: as a matter of fact, Italy is ranked second when concerning longevity.

Grape juice is full of benefits for our health. The Romans used it as sweetener in the form of a syrup, called “defrutum”, and as a cure-all.

Cominterwine takes to heart its consumers’ health, and this is why it offers grape juice, which is also an incentive for small entrepreneurs who cannot fully express their potential on the market due to the strict legislation of the industry (there are more than 1,000 rules to comply with!).

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