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Table wine (white and red) - Wine on the table

It is a traditional natural product we find on all tables, with a unique value. Table wines are present in all regions of Italy and have excellent quality. Their quality is determined not only by the environmental conditions of the grape breeding, but also by the choice of producers. The relationship of trust built in the distribution chain gives the product an added-value. Cominter Wine Srl, boosting a long history, can guarantee the quality of wines you find on your table.

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Varietal wine (white and red) - The identity of wine

Detached from the typical character of the territories, the identity, the taste and aroma of wine depend only on aromatic creation due to its original variety. This variety is characterized by the selection of vines and the demand in some emerging markets allows an important quality control made by Cominter Wine’s supply chain.

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Mistelle (The fortified wine)

The term fortification comes from the addition of a certain quantity of alcohol. Its imperceptible taste allows to cover the aromas of wine.

Fortification is a process that guarantees the preservability of wine, ensures greater longevity, reduces the risk of alteration and sweetens the wine.
It is produced with fresh grapes or grape must, whose fermentation is stopped with the addition of alcohol. There are different varieties, such as vin de liqueur and dry fortified wines.

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Vermut (Liqueur wine)

Due to notes of dried fruit but also candied citrus, caramel, spices and honey, liqueur wines have a full and intense gustatory persistence quality. Characterized by a strong and intense taste and a particular production process, this is a traditional Italian product and also one of the main ingredients of many cocktails.

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Spirit (The distilled wine)

In the past, the so called "spirit drink” was the property of a few affiliates in Egypt and priests. Spirits are composed by a mixture of vegetal origin that gives them an elegant and fruity essence. Some of the best-known spirits are Whiskey (made with grains), Rhum (made with sugar cane), Vodka (distilled from potatoes), Brandy, Cognac or Armagnac (distilled from wine) or Grappa (from pomace).

Drinking alcohol (Ethanol)

It is called "spirit" and it is at the basis of all alcoholic beverages. Derived from acetone, it is a colorless and volatile liquid with ethereal odor and pungent taste. The properties of ethyl alcohol (detergents, preservatives and antifreeze) allow it to be used not only in the food sector but also in the health, cosmetics and chemical sectors.

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